A comprehensive guide on the Three Pass Technique

A major step in publishing new work is to understand and review the previous studies. Researchers know this the best as they spend a great deal of time reading research papers before ideating the next big thing.

As a newbie, I had no idea that reading a research article was…

Things I experienced during my 9-month stint at an AI-Healthcare startup

Hey everyone! A very happy new year. I wanted to start this year off by sharing my recent experience as a Data Science Intern at Dozee, an AI based healthcare startup in India. I’ll try to cover everything from what my daily schedule to my learnings and overall experience.

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Some Context


A brief look into what our future might be like!

What would it be like to control everything around you just by the sense of thought? Imagine controlling a drone not by a physical controller but instead by the waves emitted from your brain. How cool would that be?

And what if I told you there are prototypes for such…

Why companies such as Apple, Intel, Google are trying to move AI from cloud to edge

Earlier this year, Apple announced its US$200 million acquisition of Seattle-based edge-AI startup Xnor.ai. This was one of its many other moves to bring the AI-inferencing from cloud to the local hardware.


Today, algorithms sit on the cloud and serve your requests. As you can guess, there can be a…

And Why Your Startup Needs Or Uses One

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By 2014, Uber had generated just over a few terabytes of data. This limited data was spread across few traditional databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL. Engineers could access the databases individually and write scripts to combine the data sources.

What stories of companies at both ends of the success spectrum teach us.

So you are thinking of a product which is potentially going to be a gamechanger on the face of the planet earth. It will be used by people all across and will make the transition to the product irreversible.

You know What you need to build and How to build…

Pointers and tips based on personal experiences

There’s a period in everyone’s university experience where one is anxious about finding that perfect internship. I, too, went through this phase and had some points to help you find your next opportunity.

Who will benefit from this post — people wanting a general idea and possible options to help…

The strange relation between value and labor.

I’ve been reading a lot lately on popular case studies of companies that successfully created an impact in their respective industries. One of the most interesting ones I came across was why IKEA evolved to the idea of Do-It-Yourself furniture.

For those not aware, IKEA today offers a range of…

Who’s the authority here?

Cryptocurrency has been in the limelight for the past few months. With its universal and decentralized aspects, many aren’t shying away from calling it the currency of the future. There are more than four thousand cryptocurrencies in existence, and their number has been on the rise.

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For jumping on the…

Succinctness, revisiting the unanswered, and adding context.

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I like to see interviews as a two-way process where both you and the company try to find the right match. This makes it an experience rather than just a pursuit of answering questions.

With each interview, I’ve had at least a handful of learnings that I think can benefit…

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